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"As a child, I particularly liked to paint,

and loved as a teenager Graffiti,

to use painting in all areas of life today:

Self-realization, Communication, Profession, Philosophy...


and the most important:

Simply that way!"

Artworks | Applied art

Works of applied painting as well as free works of art can be seen on this website.

The commercial design concepts were developed for a client and are based on wishes or benefits such as the optical enlargement of a room, advertising, object upgrading, etc.

The works under "Free Works of Art" and "Graffiti", on the other hand, are of an artistic nature.

Bearbeitet mit Himmel hoch 2.jpg


The Fulda train station was transformed into a colorful work of art. The station hall and the underground area were designed using the philosophical concept of the polyhedron (more). The work of art can already be seen from the passing trains through the colorful parapets of the track feeders. In the artwork, the elements of the 5 Platonic...  view project...